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Our Calgary immigration lawyers can help you with all your business and personal immigration needs. Led by Canada and NAFTA immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah, Ackah Business Immigration Law is a boutique corporate immigration law firm headquartered in Calgary with offices in Calgary and Vancouver. We work with clients all over the world.

Our skilled team is here to help your business and its people cross borders seamlessly. Our immigration law firm offices in Calgary provide immigration legal advice and guidance to corporations and individuals on immigration needs including visa applications, work permits, permanent residency, citizenship, and temporary residency applications.

As your immigration legal advisors, we provide you with timely and strategic advice relating to the constantly changing immigration laws and regulations, programs and opportunities.

  • Ackah Law offers expertise in all areas of immigration law ranging from corporate immigration to personal and family member immigration cases.
  • We provide comprehensive immigration legal services to clients around the world representing corporations, institutions, not-for-profit organizations and individual clients.
  • Our website provides free resources for people interested in moving to Canada including
    • Blogs with important immigration news from Immigration and Citizenship Canada.
    • Podcasts, webinars and newsletters on important U.S. and Canada immigration programs and updates.
    • Checklists and guides to help navigate complicated immigration matters.
    • 24/7/365 availability to our clients based around the world.

We can help you plan the most effective course of action for you and the sponsorship of your spouse, children, parents and lone surviving relatives.

We help individuals move to Canada for work, for study or for family.

Many international students want to study in Calgary, Canada.

We help families reunite in Canada with Immigration and Citizenship Canada services including Spousal Sponsorship, Parent and Grandparents Visa, Super Visa and other Family Sponsorship programs.

Immigration Inadmissibility, Immigration Appeals, Waivers of Inadmissibility, Citizenship Applications and other immigration issues and individual immigration applications.

Ackah Business Immigration Law Compliance and HR services can assist you in preparing for Compliance Reviews and Inspections and ensure that your organization's work permits comply with Immigration and Citizenship Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (LMIA) and the International Mobility Program (LMIA exempt) requirements – before you receive a call from the government.

Ackah Law helps businesses solve their global talent problems by helping employees cross borders seamlessly.

Our immigration services help global executive search companies hire foreign workers and provide expatriate management services.

Ackah Law assists relocation companies and foreign law firms get work permits and necessary visas to move expats to new assignments in Canada or the United States.

Ackah Business Immigration Law offers two immigration service options to fit your needs so you are never surprised or unprepared::


We charge a flat fee for standard immigration cases. As experienced immigration lawyers, we know exactly how much work goes into every permanent residence application and have the acumen to charge accordingly. Most of our clients prefer this billing structure as it means they’re never surprised or caught unprepared by hidden fees; what you’re quoted for is what you end up paying.


For complex cases, or where the time involved in a case may vary, we establish an hourly fee. This is simply because we may have to spend more time on such cases to obtain favourable outcomes. Other times, clients merely want us to answer questions, review documentation, or explain their options; therefore, it makes more sense to charge per consultation.

Additional Costs

In addition to “fees” for professional costs, you may need to pay for “costs.” These include things like filing fees charged by immigration services as well as express mail, photo-copy and long-distance charges, etc. We’ll always tell you what’s included with the quoted price and provide you with an estimate of additional costs.

Do you have an immigration question?
Schedule an initial consultation with one of our immigration professionals.

We charge a flat fee for standard immigration cases. As experienced immigration lawyers, we know exactly how much work goes into immigration applications and can charge accordingly. We use technology to streamline and introduce efficiencies that save our clients time, and prevent missed deadlines and missing documentation. Our clients prefer flat-fee billing so they’re never surprised or caught unprepared by hidden fees; what you’re quoted for is what you end up paying.

For complex cases, or where the time involved in a case may vary, we establish an hourly fee. This is simply because we may have to spend more time on such cases to obtain favourable outcomes. Other times, clients merely want us to answer questions, review documentation, or explain their options; therefore, it makes more sense to charge per consultation

In addition to “fees” for professional costs, you may need to pay for “costs.” These include things like filing fees charged by immigration services as well as express mail, photo-copy and long-distance charges, etc. We’ll always tell you what’s included in the quoted price and provide you with an estimate of additional costs.

Do you have an immigration question?

Schedule an initial consultation with one of our immigration professionals.

  • Why Move to Calgary?

    A General Overview
    Calgary is a top destination for tourists and business visitors as well as immigrants! As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, it’s no surprise, so many foreigners wish to move here. Its strong economy is built on tech, finance, film-making, education, business services and tourism.

    Calgary is in the top 10 most livable cities in the world! Calgary tied at 7th with Tokyo in the Global Liveability Index - and in the top 3 most livable cities in North America with Calgary and Vancouver. 140 cities were ranked on over 30 qualities including stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

    Calgary is a diverse city and immigrants are: a critical part of Calgary's growth. Calgarians are warm and welcoming to newcomers, and with 240 different ethnic origins, Calgary is ranked third in the proportion of visible minorities in Canada.

    Nicknamed New York North, the city provides the right mix of cultural, corporate and entertainment possibilities. It’s a vibrant place, where more than 50% of residents are immigrants who positively contribute to Calgary’s growth and economy.

    The city’s various ethnocultural neighbourhoods reflect its diversity, which gives immigrants an array of options when it comes to choosing a place to stay. In fact, over 160 languages are spoken in the city.

    Calgary are warm and welcoming to newcomers, and frequently celebrate their many contributions to their flourishing city.

    Calgary Is A Tech Hub for Canada and North America
    Calgary is the #1 tech city for immigrants in Canada
    - and the #1 growing tech hub in North America!

    A new report shows Calgary, Ontario is the #1 tech city in North America. CBRE scores U.S. and Canadian cities on their tech talent. In their 2020 report, Calgary was #1 on the list in Canada for 2020 with a ranking of 87.6, and added 36.5% more workers between 2014 and 2019 — making tech workers 8.8% of the city's total workforce.

    A 2019 study showed that Calgary saw the biggest growth in technology jobs of any North American city over the past five years, more than San Francisco, New York and Seattle.


    As such, the city is attracting tech talent faster than any other city in North America, and is now the 4th largest tech hub in North America, following the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington and Seattle. Experts believe Calgary is well-poised to develop and support a large tech talent pool in the future, thanks to its prestigious academic institutions, robust government investments and immigration-friendly nature.

    Canada Offers Excellent Educational and Social Services

    Regardless of a family’s income bracket, children in Canada have access to free high-quality education at public schools. Post-graduate education is also among the most affordable and best in the world. Even newcomers have access to affordable student loans or tuition reduction programs, as well as scholarship opportunities.

    Additionally, Canada has free universal healthcare, which is funded by income, sales and corporate taxes. Anyone can visit all doctors, hospitals, and ERs at no cost irrespective of their income status or pre-existing medical conditions. Everyone in Canada is entitled to seek free medical assistance.

  • Are You Eligible to Move To Calgary?

    Immigration mistakes are costly! Understanding the different options on how to move to Calgary can help you avoid mistakes that can delay your immigration application and cost you time and money. Calgary is seeking skilled foreign workers to help build the country’s economy and provide jobs for Canadians. Whether you want to move to Calgary for work, education or personal reasons, understanding the immigration process and options can help you move through the immigration journey with confidence.

    Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)
    Calgary is located in Ontario Providence. Ontario encourages Permanent Residence applications from people with skilled abilities, education and work experience that will contribute to the Canadian economy. One of the most significant programs is known as the Provincial Nominee Program or PNP. This is a system that allows the territorial and/or provincial governments to select immigrants based on the specific economic needs of that territory or province.

    The OINP helps foreign workers, international students, business owners and entrepreneurs from outside of Canada apply for permanent residence in Ontario, and helps Ontario businesses recruit international talent.

    Eligible individuals can apply to be nominated to work and live in Ontario permanently. OINP accepts applications under the following streams:

    • French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream
    • Human Capital Priorities stream
    • Skilled Trades stream
    • Entrepreneur stream

      The following OINP streams available through the OINP Expression of Interest system:

      • Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream
      • Employer Job Offer: International Student stream
      • Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills stream
      • Masters Graduate stream
      • Ph.D. Graduate stream
    • Do You Want to Move Your Business To Calgary, Canada?

      Ontario has eliminated the current Canadian residency requirements for business directors, effective July 1, 2021. This affects private and publicly held Ontario corporations and immigrant entrepreneurs who want to incorporate in Calgary and the Province of Ontario, and make it easier for foreigners to open a business in Canada. Ackah Law works closely with our clients to help immigrant entrepreneurs and founders prepare their immigration and Citizenship Canada required immigrant entrepreneur business plan, and to succeed in their entrepreneurial venture in Calgary.

    Our Calgary Immigration Services

    Our Calgary location of Ackah Business Immigration Law office is a full-service immigration law firm that handles corporate and individual immigration matters. Our Canadian immigration lawyers are experienced in all immigration matters and can help our clients achieve their immigration goals.

    Personal Immigration Services


    Meet Calgary Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah, Founder and Managing Lawyer of Ackah Business Immigration Law

    Evelyn Ackah has been exclusively practicing immigration law for over twenty years. Evelyn grew up in Vancouver and after law school, Evelyn started her legal career as a corporate/commercial lawyer in Calgary on Bay Street, where she discovered her passion for immigration law. Her experience with immigration started when she was young; Evelyn came to Canada as an immigrant herself, moving from Ghana when she was five. In 2010 Evelyn moved to Calgary and founded her own firm in Calgary, so she could practice immigration law her way, using strategic technology combined with legal experience to provide the best possible services to her clients. In 2018 Ackah Law opened immigration law offices in Vancouver and Calgary to more easily serve clients across Canada.


    Awards and Recognition

    • 2022: Finalist for 2022 Immigrants Of Distinction Awards: Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    • 2022: Named #1 of 20 Best Canada Immigration Podcasts
    • 2022: Named #2 of 100 Best Canada Law Blogs 2022
    • 2022: Named #9 of 90 Best Canada Immigration Blogs and Websites
    • 2022: 3 Best Rated Immigration Lawyers In Calgary
    • 2022 Top Choice Award: Top Business Immigration Law Firm In Calgary Region
    • 2021 Top Choice Award: Top Business Immigration Law Firm In Calgary Region
    • 2021: Top 3 Immigration Lawyers in Calgary
    • 2021: Named to Feedspot Top 100 Canada Law Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021
    • 2021: Named Alberta’s Leading Immigration Law Specialist of the Year by Acquisition International
    • 2021: Named Alberta's Leading Immigration Law Specialist of the Year
    • 2020: Top Choice Award: Top Business Immigration Law Firm In Calgary Region
    • 2020: Top 3 Immigration Lawyers in Calgary
    • 2020: Winner Clawbies Canadian Law Blog Award for Best Multi-Platform Presence
    • 2019: Top Choice Award: Top Business Immigration Law Firm In Calgary Region

    An award-winning lawyer, Evelyn Ackah has built a reputation with international law firms for her ability to solve immigration problems before they occur and her dedication to her clients and their dream to live and work in Canada.

    Things to Know About Calgary, Canada

    • calgary is only a 1-hour drive from the United States border, about 25 miles.
    • Residents of Calgary can attend high-quality schools for free.
    • Residents of Calgary have access to public healthcare under the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia (MSP).
    • There are many high-quality programs for international students at Universities in Vancouver
    • Calgary is consistently ranked one of the top five worldwide cities for liveability and quality of life.
    • The city of Calgary is surrounded by the ocean, mountains and beaches.

    Email: [email protected]
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    Toll-free: 1 (800) 932-1190 (Canada and U.S.)
    Fax: (403) 452-9514


    Ackah Business Immigration Law is conveniently located in downtown Calgary.

    *By appointment only

    FAQs About Immigrating To Calgary

    • 1. Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer when Migrating to Calgary ?

      You need to know that immigration authorities do not require that you have an immigration lawyer in Calgary before you can apply for Canadian immigration. However, employing immigration lawyers in Calgary offer you certain benefits. Experienced immigration lawyers can guide you through the immigration journey, making it a seamless process for you.

      Canadian immigration law changes from time to time. It is beneficial to have the efforts of an immigration lawyer in Calgary to navigate through the immigration process without any unnecessary problems that cause delays or denials.

      While the Canadian immigration process may appear simple, the legal considerations and ramifications are highly complex. Not getting it right the first time can result in costly delays and negative consequences that can be avoided by an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer. The entire process of obtaining permanent residence is a long and stressful process, and ideally, you want to avoid dealing with it all alone.

      Knowing where to file, what documents are needed, and how to respond to government requests is part of the process, and is best handled by an immigration lawyer. From your PR application to calculating your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and checking your documents, our team will make your immigration process easier and more convenient.

    • 2. How Do I Apply for A Permanent Residency Card?

      Every immigrant who is now a permanent resident of Calgary must have a PR card. This card is the official proof confirming their ability to reside indefinitely in Calgary even as non-Canadian citizens.

      For new permanent immigrants, the Canadian immigration authorities automatically give you a PR card without applying for one. The reason for this is that its part of the immigration process carried out by the immigration and refugee board.

      You may not get your permanent residence card immediately when you arrive in Calgary. It typically takes three to four months before it arrives in your mail. Most of the time the processing time is always indicated on the board's website.

      On the other hand, you may need to renew your PR card. This might be as a result of a change of name, change of location, or a damaged or lost card. In this case, you will have to apply through the board website.

    • 3. Can a Student or a Worker Obtain a PR Visa?

      The Permanent Resident Visa is only given to foreign nationals. It offers them a one-time entry into Canada with a validity period within which they are expected to land in Canada. Students, workers, and foreigners who want to visit Canada are not entitled to receive a Permanent Resident Visa. Instead, a student will get a student visa, workers will get workers' permits and visitors will be given visitor visas.

    • 4. What is the Legal Process Like for Obtaining Permanent Residence Status?

      Aside from visiting Calgary as a student, worker, or visitor, you can choose to migrate as a permanent resident. The Canadian government has a series of programs it uses to admit foreign nationals into Canada.

      • The first of these programs is known as Express Entry which is the most common and has the quickest and the most seamless processing.
      • There is also a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) which is targeted at skilful foreign nationals.
      • The federal skilled trades program is also another means of obtaining permanent residence.

      Other immigration opportunities are Atlantic Immigration Pilot, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, Family Sponsorship, Start-up Visa and Quebec Selected Skilled Workers. You can get a full understanding of all these programs and their requirements by consulting an experienced immigration lawyer at a Calgary immigration law firm.

    • 5. What are the Requirements to Become A Canadian Citizen?

      IRCC requirements for Canadian Citizenship has requirements:

      • The first requirement is permanent residency status—only permanent residents can become Canadian citizens.
      • Secondly, your tax form must have been filled out for three consecutive years.
      • Also, you will be required to take a Canadian citizenship test which you must pass.
      • Language skill proficiency in either English or French is also a requirement.
      • Finally, you can not have a criminal record either in Canada or in your home country.
    • 6. How Do I Apply for Canadian Citizenship?

      Once you are eligible to become a Canadian citizen, the next step is to go through the application process. The entire process is a complex one and may require the effort of an extremely experienced immigration lawyer. You can then choose to employ immigration consultants or immigration lawyers from a Canadian immigration law firm.

      • The application process starts with calculating your staying time in Calgary.
      • If eligible then you can proceed to download and fill out the application form.
      • Please note you will be required to pay the application fee, submit your application test, and take the citizenship test.
      • Finally, you will be invited to attend an interview and also to take the oath of citizenship.
    • 7. What is the Express Entry Program?

      The Express Entry Program is one of the easiest programs an immigrant can use to migrate to Calgary. It is an online application where skilled immigrants can apply to become a Canadian permanent resident. Each applicant is assigned an Express Entry profile which serves as a ranking tool for admission. Your rank then allows you to apply for admission programs such as Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program or the Canadian Experience Class Program.

    • 8. How are Express Entry Points Calculated?

      The Express Entry Programs assess applicants based on several qualifying factors and assign a point to each one. Consequently, the point is used for ranking and determining the most suitable of the three programs as highlighted above.

      Free Express Entry Score Calculator

      Calculating points is based on the following;

      • Skills
      • Education
      • Language
      • Work experience

      You can get up to 1200 points and there is a benchmark for admission into each program.

      It’s possible to claim additional points if you

      • have a sibling in Canada
      • speak a high level of French
      • receive a job offer in the country
      • secure a nomination from a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

      This is immigration program is for workers who have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory and have ambitions to live in that province and eventually become permanent residents of Canada.

    • 9. How Do I Work as an Immigrant in Canada?

      Working as an immigrant in Canada is based on certain factors. You might need to consult immigration lawyers to ascertain whether you can work in Canada or not. As a foreign national, you will need a work permit to work in Calgary. The work permit can either be an open or closed permit. The open permit allows you to work for any employer in Calgary while the closed permit has certain restrictions.

      Students with student visas may also be eligible to work depending on the clause stated on the study permit. Generally, you can apply for work in Canada through the International Experience Canada option.

    • 10. How can a Permanent Resident Search for a Job in Calgary?

      Permanent residents are eligible to work for any employer within Calgary. Making use of an immigration lawyer in Calgary is the best way to ensure you are qualified for employment and have all the required documentation.

      You can make use of job websites, networking, volunteering, immigrant-serving organizations, employee agencies and recruiters to get a job as a permanent resident.

    • 11. What is the difference between a Permanent Canadian Resident and a Canadian Citizen?

      Permanent residents have the right to stay in Canada for as long as they live. Once granted permanent resident status, they must live in Canada for at least two out of every five years.

      While Canadian Permanent Residents obtain the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, they do not have the right to vote, nor do they carry a Canadian passport.

      On the other hand, Canadian citizens acquire the right to vote, participate in political activities, and run for office. They may also apply for a Canadian passport.

    • 12. How much money do I need to move to Canada?

      The cost of applying for immigration for an individual to move to Canada varies considerably depending on what immigration program you apply for and who is sponsoring your immigration application. Included in application costs is proof of funds that show you have enough money to settle in the country.

      The estimated required money to move to Canada varies greatly depending on your type of immigration application and the number of family members joining you, if any. It also excludes the cost of your flight, accommodation, and other living expenses.

    • 13. How long does the application process take?

      Because every case is different, we can’t predict an exact processing time for your specific application. Some visas have an option for priority, fast-turn around processing.

      Processing time depends on IRCC’s visa office resources and the number of applications currently being processed and the immigration paperwork backlog. Your country of residence and application type also impacts processing time.

      Ackah Law works closely with our clients and we do our best to ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible.

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