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Careers In Immigration Law: Ackah Law Practicums

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Ackah Law

Careers In Immigration Law: Ackah Law Practicums

A career in immigration law is demanding and rewarding. Clients around the world need our help when they need to cross borders - whether that is the middle of the night, over the weekend or on a holiday. Immigration law is constantly evolving. Corporate immigration is about people - and the businesses that hire them. We transform lives by creating immigration opportunities for people to live their dreams, expand their businesses and create a legacy for future generations.

To practice immigration law as an immigration lawyer or work as a certified immigration consultant, students must complete a practicum. In addition to classroom study, students are required to complete fieldwork at an immigration law firm or immigration consultancy. Finding an immigration law firm to complete their practicum is challenging for many students, particularly during COVID restrictions.

Due to COVID restrictions, many law firm offices are closed and the staff is working remotely. Students studying immigration law - law students, consultants and legal assistants - cannot complete their practicum virtually and move forward with their career in immigration law. Students need an in-person practicum so they are supervised and trained by an experienced immigration lawyer.

Ackah Business Immigration Law exclusively practices immigration law. We practice happy law - our team takes pride in changing the lives of individuals for the better. Our law firm is headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. Immigration law is about working with people. At Ackah Law, we are always looking for talented individuals who will continue to give our clients trusted immigration legal counsel and excellent customer service within our fast-paced environment.

It is vitally important that immigration legal professionals are properly educated, trained and supervised by a qualified, experienced immigration lawyer. Sadly too many foreigners have experienced immigration fraud and ghost consultants who mislead and even outright lie to vulnerable people who lose time and money due to immigration fraud. Having an experienced immigration lawyer on your side greatly increases your chance for a successful immigration application. It's been proven that immigration applications filed by immigration lawyers have a much higher success rate than applications filed by immigration consultants or DIYed by individuals.

Ackah Law's office in Calgary is open to staff who are following social distancing safety guidelines. As our clients are global, we meet with them virtually. This summer Ackah had 3 interns completing their immigration law practicums, and we are scheduled for a 4th student practicum in September:

  1. law student
  2. immigration consultant
  3. legal assistant

And we are happy to announce that our Immigration Consultant practicum student – Harpreet Kaur - is returning to work for Ackah Law after her studies are completed. She is a great fit for us, a hard worker and dedicated to helping immigrants move to Canada.

At Ackah Law we are committed to help those needing practicums and to give opportunities like this to students who need to graduate from their programs and to expose them to immigration law and start their careers. Supervised mentorships, practicums and articling opportunities are important qualifications for the career path of immigration legal professionals.

We are proud that some of our practicum students are foreign-educated professionals and immigrants themselves who are starting over in Canada and need Canadian work experience to get their degrees and certifications in Canada. Many of the legal professionals at Ackah Law are immigrants themselves, including Founder and Managing Lawyer Evelyn Ackah, who understand first-hand the fears, dreams and needs of foreigners who are pursuing their Canadian Dream.

Careers at Ackah Business Immigration Law

An Immigration Law Firm Staffed With Immigrants

Ackah Business Immigration Law is an award-winning law firm that exclusively practices immigration law and is growing and looking for talented individuals who will continue to give our clients trusted immigration legal counsel and excellent customer service within our fast-paced environment. We are proud to offer immigration lawyers and professional immigration staff opportunities to apply their talent and commitment toward important, challenging projects that impact individuals, families and businesses. Our culture of collegiality and work environment celebrates success and encourages all of our team members to passionately love what they do.



Evelyn L. Ackah, BA, LL.B.

Founder/Managing Lawyer

Ms. Ackah is passionate about immigration law because it focuses on people and relationships, which are at the core of her personal values. Starting her legal career as a corporate/commercial ...

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