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How The U.S. Election Can Benefit Canada Immigration and the Economy

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Business Immigration to Canada and Business Immigration Law

How The U.S. Election Can Benefit Canada Immigration and the Economy

The United States presidential elections are in full swing, with the voting having already begun in many states. Candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump differ in more than political party; they have distinctly different immigration policies, particularly when in comes to the U.S. H-1B visa. The H-1B visa is a temporary work permit for highly skilled foreign workers, typically in the tech field. Tech visas are highly sought after in the U.S., and business groups and the CEOs of U.S. technology companies have been very critical of the government's restrictions.

President Trump's 2016 campaign promised to restrict immigration to America, and since his election, the Trump administration has put in many new policies intended to limit immigration. Trump signed an executive order in June to restrict work visas through 2020, and on October 7 put further restrictions on H-1B work visas to toughen H-1B worker eligibility and impose new obligations on employers trying to bring foreign workers to fill American job openings.

The Migration Policy Institute has predicted that over U.S. 219,000 foreign workers will be blocked as a result of the recent executive orders limiting immigration, and said the policy differences between the two men can be summed up:

"Biden's platform is essentially a plan to reverse everything that has happened under President Trump."

Trump's re-election on November 3 would likely result in further bans on H-1B visas, restrictions on student visas and other immigration limits.

Canada Needs Skilled Foreign Workers and Students

Canadian tech companies view U.S. restrictions on hiring foreign skilled workers and recruiting international students as a benefit to Canada. CBC News reports that "Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino told the Financial Times that these U.S. restrictions had sparked a flood of inquiries from tech professionals in India, China and other countries."

What You Can Do If Your H-1B Visa Application is Rejected

How H-1B Visa Applicants Can Move to Canada

Canada is actively recruiting foreign tech workers and new tech companies to help grow the economy in the face of an aging workforce. Skilled foreign workers who want to move to Canada can:

Are You A Foreign Student Who Can't Get a U.S. Study Visa?

New U.S. student visas have been restricted due to the tightening of American immigration policies and COVID travel restrictions. According to CBC News, "Citing national security concerns, the administration wants to cap most international students' visas at four years. Currently, an international student can stay as long as they have supporting documents proving they are studying toward a degree."

Learn More:

Ackah Law Can Help Your Canadian Dream Come True

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