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Know Your Rights While Working in Canada Under the International Mobility Program

Blog posted on by Evelyn Ackah in Canada Work Permits and International Mobility Program

Know Your Rights While Working in Canada Under the International Mobility Program


The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) allows an employer to hire foreign workers to fill temporary labour and skill shortages. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently released a guide for temporary foreign workers to explain their rights while working in Canada

    Before a temporary foreign worker submits an application for a work permit in Canada, your employer must provide you with a signed copy of the employment agreement in either English or French—the official language of your choice while in Canada. This agreement should confirm the same occupation, wages and working conditions as those specified in your job offer. Both you and your employer must sign this document.

    Know Your Rights While Working In Canada

    As a temporary foreign worker, you have the same rights and workplace protections as Canadians and permanent residents in Canada:

    • Your employer must provide you with information about your rights, including a signed copy of your employment agreement prior to applying for a work permit.
    • You are entitled to payment for your work according to what is specified in the agreement (including overtime, if it is included).
    • You should be provided with a working environment that is free of any abuse or reprisals.
    • Your employer must also comply with the employment and recruitment standards of the province or territory where you are employed.
    • If you sustain an injury or become ill while on the job, your employer should assist you in accessing healthcare services.

    Your employer is not allowed to:

    • force you to do hazardous tasks or activities not specified in your contract
    • prevent you from taking time off when ill or injured
    • make you work overtime without it being included in your job agreement
    • retaliate against you for reporting mistreatment, dangerous conditions, or cooperating with a government inspection
    • keep your passport or work authorization away from you
    • require you to reimburse them for any recruitment fees
    • change your recruitment status or deport you
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    The guide also covers areas including:

    • If you are sick or hurt at work
    • Health and safety at work
    • Workplace free of abuse
    • If you lose your job
    • Changing employers
    • Getting assistance or support
    • How to get help
    • How to report abuse

    The guide is available in both English and French.

    International Mobility Program Get to know your rights while working in Canada

    Download English PDF Download French PDF

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